Student Traineeship and Training programs.


 ₹ 0*/- No payment when joining. 

For job seekers.

Key features: ​

  • Online technical training with dedicated subject matter expert and software tool. 

  • Pay after program completion*. 

  • Limited seats per batch for best individual student attention. 

  • Opportunity to work abroad*.

  • Credits allotted for the subjects taught.

  • Work Placement as a part of training program.

  • Certification to help in Masters admissions in India or abroad and for finding Jobs.

₹ 4,999 /- 

Scholar - For career starters.

​Key features : 

  • Online technical training through dedicated software tool and subject matter expert.  

  • Training in Industry demand topics.

  • 2-4 weeks Internship at our partnered company.

  • Internship opportunity with certification. 

₹ 2,999/-

Smart - For Beginners.

Key features : 

  • Practical experience while studying.

  • Exposure to Industry methods,tools and process.

  • 2 weeks Internship. 

  • Access to M.cert training program at subsidized rate after successful smart program completion.

  • Certification of participation.

Smart - 1st yr all engg branches.
Scholar - 2nd yr all engg branches
M.cert for job seekers- 4th yr and graduated students in BCA and all engg branches.
* - Conditions Apply.