Online Internship Programs

Duration : 1 month (4Weeks) Online Internship,05 hours per week.
Certification Offered : Graduate Intern Certificate.
Eligibility : 3rd year engineering graduates.(CSE/ECE/ISE/Mechatronics)


Software Test Engineering. 

As future of Embedded projects in industries is getting more complex one needs be updated with latest skills within the sector to perform certain tasks.And while each system will have thousands of lines of codes,it is vital for a company to check the quality and function safety of the codes and software/system requirements.This skill therefore focuses to teach on topics in Embedded projects using different methods , tools and standards currently focused in different industry sectors.

Software Quality and Function Safety Engineering

As the automotive industry is shifting its focus from Internal combustion to electric and connected vehicle technology the demand for engineers within this sector is increasing. As electric vehicles have started to communicate among themselves, the aim of these vehicles have been to go carbon neutral and reduce accidents by smart technology.To identify each function safety of electronics onboard is a challenge and the topic will bring onboard a skilled engineer with domain knowledge as this skill focuses to teach the methods ,tools and standards involved in developing electric and connected vehicle tech.

Robotics and Automation

As the Embedded Industry becomes more and more inclined to automate their manufacturing lines and software the need for engineers in this sector is high.Half of today's industry is in the process of automating and numbers will only increase.Knowing the skills in this industry will be crucial for engineers as this will be the future.The skill focuses to teach different topics covering the standards,tools and methods involved in development of Robotics and Automation.

Note : Detailed course circular will be shared with the candidate during the orientation session or after contacting us.

Online Internship - Student  Benefits

• Offers flexibility – No normal office Internship schedule.

• Accountability to meet the deadlines and be professional.

• Highly efficient and convenient as the process is performed online.

• Students save money from not needing to commute to work or move to new cities.

•  Great opportunity for students with busy schedule or those who cannot divot time for full time Internship.

•  Engaged in learning specific project tasks which help the student grow. 


Masters Certification Program

Duration : 1 year - 2 Semesters
Certification Offered : Masters certification in specialized area.
Eligibility : B.E/B.Tech and BCA graduates with minimum 50% aggregate.


Note : Detailed course circular will be shared with the candidate during the orientation session or after contacting us.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AIML).

As machines become more sophisticated, they will be able to support not only smart production lines and complex manufacturing tasks, but will also be able to design and improve tasks over time—with little or no human intervention—through machine learning. Join CESSL's advanced Masters certification training and start your professional career in AI and ML.

Graduation Ceremony

Why Enroll ?

Expect salary up-to ₹ 4-6 lakhs p.a. on course completion.

Fastest growing technology topics.

Opportunity to move abroad.

Career Progression


Job Placements after Master certification completion.

Provide students with Entry level Job opportunities in core subject topics with MNC's and start-ups under the Graduate Employment Mode (GEM)®.

For more Information on the placements , please get in touch with us. 


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